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What's Included

The premium camera clamp shown in this video is now included in all Pro 100 timing package

* * Wireless trigger in this video now upgraded to new Sure-Start system

Lenovo Thinkpad Computer Specialized for Timing
Windows 8 Operating System

High Speed Color Camera with Lens
Wireless Gun Sensor with Sure-Start technology
Pro Timing Software and USB Key
300 Foot Data Cable
6 Foot Practice Cable
3 Bags/50 Starter Shells
USB File Sharing Device
Pelican Camera Case

Protective Backpack Carrying Case
Premium Camera Mounting Kit with Clamp
1 Yr. Scheduled Remote Computer & Phone Support


Can I use my own computer?

Providing your own computer to run the Eagle Eye Pro timing system is possible, however due to the performance requirement of the high speed video camera and software, it must meet the specifications outlined in this document. The computer must handle jumbo frames and have the ability to read and write (play and record) to the hard drive simultaneously. This assures your timing system will operate correctly and allow you to experience all of the tremendous features of Eagle Eye Pro timing.

Required Computer Specs .pdf