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Software Overview
No need to be a computer expert or professional timer to efficiently time track and field competitions at all levels. Everything you need is at your finger tips - just a simple mouse click away.

Race Results Tab:
Quickly import and export the event schedule and results files associated with your favorite meet management software -
Hy-Tek, RaceTab, RaceberryJam, etc.

Race Trigger Tab:
Arm the system using (to begin the next race) via the Results Tab or use the keyboard hotkey F-12 at anytime. Onscreen confirmation (Armed or Triggered) provides system status during the entire process.

Live Adjustments Tab:
Make live adjustments to the camera remotely! Quickly adapt to a change lightening conditions. Use the slide control to change gain, frame rate, exposure and more.

Brightness, Contrast, Gamma Tab:
Further customize the image for increased camera clarity.

Finish Line Tab:
Create an overlay image on top of the finish-line. Easily position the vertical line so it appears locked in place and always visible. Easily customize style, width and color .

Directory Film Reel Icon:
A running list of recorded events are automatically labeled and stored in the race directory.