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Led Scrolling Display Camera and Lens
Led Scrolling Display
Our Price: $1,850.00
Camera and Lens
Our Price: $1,550.00
LED Scrolling Display

Projects running time and displays results as name, place and performance after each race. Set display for real time reading or place in scrolling mode. Easy to operate! Seamlessly integrates with the Eagle Eye Pro timing system.
Camera & Lens
Run with the wind! An additional camera and lens provides the flexibility of utilizing a second finish-line camera, without having to physically move the common-finish camera during the meet.
Camera Mounting Pole
Our Price: $1,200.00
Camera Mounting Pole
Redesigned to be the easiest camera mount pole on the market. No pre-determined heights; YOU decide where the camera best fits your facility needs. Portable and ground sleeve versions available.
The HY-TEK BUNDLE includes MEET MANAGER 6.0, the Seeding/Scoring Option and the Photo Finish Interface - everything you need to seamlessly integrate Eagle Eye timing with HY-TEK results software.
HY-TEK Alpha Scoreboard INTERFACE Wireless Start System
Wireless Start System
Our Price: $450.00
HY-TEK Alpha Scoreboard INTERFACE connects Meet Manager's computer directly to most fixed digit and alphanumeric scoreboard systems.

Wireless Start System

New standard wireless start system for all Pro timing systems. Features a boosted external antenna while operating in a wide-open mode, assuring a trigger transmission each time the starting gun is fired.

Wireless Start System with Two Way Communication Premium Camera Mounting Kit

Wireless Start System

Optional wireless start system makes possible two-way communication via a series of green and red lights that communicate the timing operators readiness.

Professional Grade

Use what the Pros use for the ultimate in precision and efficiency.  Kit includes heavy duty pole clamp, extension arm and precision geared ball head with three-way adjustment knobs.  
HY-TEK PHOTO Finish Interface 32 Caliber Starting Gun with Case
Hy-Tek's PhotoFinish INTERFACE software connects your MEET MANAGER computer directly to your Eagle Eye computer and exchanges start lists and results automatically and electronically.

The design and superior manufacturing quality of the Alfa makes it the new standard in track and field starter pistols. High strength heat-treated steel parts promise trouble free usage. Full Size Grip!

Zoom Lens Display Extender Kit
Zoom Lens
Our Price: $250.00
Display Extender Kit
Our Price: $250.00
Variable Zoom Lens

This variable zoom lens is a great option for improving image quality when mounting timing camera on the outside of the track.

Untitled 2Display Extender Kit
Extend the distance from your timing computer to your LED Scrolling Display.  A perfect solution to position your display at the finish line while your Eagle Eye timing computer is in the press box.  Includes USB Extenders and 300 feet of CAT6 data cable.
Apple Raceberry Jam PoE Gigiabit Ethernet Switch
Apple Raceberry Jam
Our Price: $250.00
Everything you need to integrate with Eagle Eye
Apple Raceberry JaM for Windows is a full-featured software package for track & field and cross-country meet and team management. Import Eagle Eye results directly to Raceberry JaM for the ultimate in speed and efficiency. Since 1997, Apple Raceberry JaM has been used at all NCAA DIII championships and by numerous high schools for simple and accurate results.
Gigibit PoE Ethernet Switch - Tremendous Versatility

A timers dream! Double the distance of your cable run or power your timing camera over standard data cable (cat5, cat6),without the need for a separate power source. Great for when you have no power on the infield. Also, used to connect multiple cameras to the same timing computer. Simply select your finish-line camera within your Pro timing software.
.32 Cal Starters' Gun
Our Price: $126.00
MEET MANAGER 6.0 for Track & Field
The TFMM 6.0 is offered as an Upgrade to Hy-Tek Customers who are using T&F MEET MANAGER 5.0, 4.0, 3.0, 2.0, 1.2 and Dos-MM.
This high quality and durable pistol is a standard for track and field starting officials! The orange cap on the barrel is a reminder that the revolver is not a firearm. The five shot swing out cylinder allows easy loading and unloading.
.32 Caliber Competition Starting Pistol
Holds 5 rounds.
Ships ground only.
Data Cable Pro Camera Enclosure
Data Cable
Our Price: $100.00
Pro Camera Enclosure
Our Price: $99.00
This cable replaces the cable included in your Pro timing system package, transporting the signal from the video camera to the timing computer. 250 feet Cat-5 data cable. Having a back-up cable provides peace of mind and assurance your track meet will run smoothly.
Pro Camera Enclosure

Keep your video Pro timing camera safe and dry with a protective camera enclosure. No screws or adjustment necessary.
Replacement Camera Power Cable 2-Port USB Switch
2-Port USB Switch
Our Price: $59.95

Replacement Camera Power Cable

Two Piece Power Supply/AC Power Cable. Provides power to the high speed Pro timing camera
Untitled 2

File Sharing Made Easier!
Share files (.lif, .evt, etc.) between two computers with ease. True plug-n-play! No driver to install or additional software environment to learn. Learn more - watch video.

#1-18 Hip Numbers (25 per set) Eagle Eye Sun Shade
Eagle Eye Sun Shade
Our Price: $49.97
Photo finish timing makes these a necessity. Race results determined faster without any mistakes. 3'' numbers. Pressure sensitive label material makes for easy application and removal. (25 of each number per set).
Computer Sun Shade

Control the glare and eye strain caused by the sun when using laptop outdoors or in or in a sunny press box. Fits virtually all 11-17" wide laptops.

Replacement Antenna .32 Caliber Universal Starter Blanks
Replacement Antenna
Our Price: $35.00
Replacement Antenna

32 Caliber Universal Starting Shells. Compatible with ALL timing systems. Used for competition. Each bag contains 50 shells. Save! Shipped UPS Ground only. In Stock!

#1-9 Hip Numbers (25 per set) Replacement USB Audio Adapter
Photo finish timing makes these a necessity. Race results determined faster without any mistakes. 3'' numbers. Pressure sensitive label material makes for easy application and removal. (25 of each number per set).
Allows signal form wireless receiver to enter the audio port of your timing computer via the cable provided with the wireless start system.
.32 Caliber Powderless Starting blanks

Another industry first: A .32 caliber shell that sounds like a louder .22 caliber blank, allowing you to use your same .32 caliber pistol for both practice and competitions. In Stock! Shipped UPS Ground only.