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Current customers should reference their school or organization when submitting an email.

Technical Assistance

User Guide
Your timing .pdf user guide is available on your Eagle Eye computer desktop and linked with the Pro timing software. Also available for download by clicking here. Be sure you always have the latest user guide.

Video Tutorials
Open to all, our video tutorials are available on the Eagle Eye website our the Eagle Eye DV YouTube website.

Online Email Help Desk
Have a question? Initiate a support ticket at our online Help Desk. Ideal for pre-sales and technical questions that need an answer within 24 hours. Click here to be directed to our ticket system.

Online Demo Webinar
Join one of our scheduled demo webinars and watch an Eagle Eye team member take you through the basics of timing an event, reading an event and integrating meet results. Ideal for pre-sales questions and new and current operator looking to get up to speed quickly. Click here for more information.