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Wireless Gun Start System

Pro timing operators have two wireless start options to choose from as described below. Both options have been boosted with an external antenna for extended range and include the reliability of Eagle Eye's Sure-Start Technology. The benefit of sure-start technology begin as soon as both unit s are powered on. Within moments, flashing lights turn solid red as the transceiver and receiver synchronize with one another.
  • External Antenna for Increased Range
  • Auto-Synch between transmitter and receiver
  • Multi-Directional. Transmitter can face in any direction
  • Self-contained starter's unit. No separate gun sensor or transmitter to wear.

Standard Start System
This unit comes standard on all Pro timing packages sold beginning September 2014. This system is designed for 1) new timing customers, 2) as a replacement/ back-up unit, 3) for increased range over units purchased prior to 2013, or 4) to eliminate the ready/reset button requirement found in 2014 units (per the timing operators preference).
Optional Two-Way Communication Start System
This optional wireless start system makes possible two-way communication via a series of green and red lights that communicate the timing operators readiness, effectively replacing the need for a‘ready flag’ in the press box. Before deciding to purchase this system, please read and understand the information on the product page below.

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Wireless Start System
Wireless Start System
Our Price: $450.00

Wireless Start System

New standard wireless start system for all Pro timing systems. Features a boosted external antenna while operating in a wide-open mode, assuring a trigger transmission each time the starting gun is fired.