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Eagle Eye is Committed to HS Track & Field

F.A.T. Is More Affordable Than Ever!

Coaches and Athletic Director have discovered it makes sense to own their fully automatic track and field timing system. (F.A.T). And it's now more affordable than ever for Nebraska high schools!

Eagle Eye's is an industry game-changer, giving you significantly more for your money: Laptop Computer, High Speed COLOR Camera and WIRELESS Start System!

NEVER AGAIN pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for outside timing crews. Designed for coaches, volunteers, students and professional alike.

$7,999 on standard pro package.
Image shown with optional GILL LED Scrolling Display

BONUS: First order from YOUR STATE to receive a $500 discount!
Call for availability: 1-800-709-8359.

Standard Pro Timing System Includes
  • High Speed Color Video Camera with Lens
  • Pro Timing Software with USB Key
  • Wireless Start System (transmitter & receiver)
  • 300 Feet Data Cable
  • 6 Foot Practice Data Cable
  • 2 Bags of Starting Shells (50 shells per bag)
  • USB File Sharing Device
  • Pelican Camera Case
  • Protective Backpack Carrying Case
  • Premium Camera Mounting Kit (three dimensional precision geared clamp)

Everything you need fits neatly in a pack pack. Because timing should be FAST, EASY and FUN. Innovative Simplicity!