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Windows Environment

Eagle Eye records and times track meets all within an easy to use Windows environment. All Eagle Eye's features are displayed around the parameter of the screen for easy access.  Icon quickly guide you to the features you're looking for. No more outdated equipment or
cumbersome VCR's. Going digital opens up a whole new world of speed and convenience.



Reading the Race

Reading finish times has never been so fast and easy! Use the arrow keys on your keyboard or roller wheel feature on your mouse to advance athletes across the line.

For lightening fast advancement, drag the curser along the scroll bar at the bottom of the picture screen.  You've never read a 10k race so fast!

Easy Alignment

Aligning the camera to the finish line has never been this easy. Simply place a 90 degree angle on the screen (using the editing features) and position the camera so that this angle is precisely in line with both a lane line and finish line.

Convenient Directory

Each race and track meet is automatically saved and categorized in a directory for easy recall.  This is great when an official or coach asks for a re-read of a race or when you want to read the race at a later time.


Magnify Feature

Use the magnify feature to enhance the finish line, or any portion of the video screen.

Great for reading close finishes or hard to read hip numbers.  Use the editing features to enhance the finish line with an overlay for easy reading.

Share with Hy-Tek Meet Manager

Export race results directly into Hy-Tek Meet Manager or AppleRaceberryJam.  No more writing and retyping.

Use Eagle Eye and Hy-Tek on the same computer (as shown) or send results to an additional networked computer.

Share with other documents

Eagle Eye can be run side by side another program such as an excel document. Read the times and immediately type them into your favorite results format.


Multiple Camera

One of our most exciting features! Use multiple cameras for the ultimate in flexibility. Eagle Eye timing software has the ability to integrate multiple cameras at the same time.  The pictures above show the same footage from two separate cameras side by side.

Applications: 1) mount two cameras on opposite sided of the finish line to help read even the closest dash finishes, 2) mount two cameras on the same side - one that shows all eight lanes and another zoomed in for distance races (reading hip numbers has never been this easy) 3) position an additional camera at the opposite end of the track in case you want to turn the dash events to run with the wind...leave both camera’s on during the meet and simply tell the software which finish line you want to record - no more last minute equipment hassles.


Create Photo Results

This is a great feature for JV or small meets when heat sheets are not created in advance - yet you still want to generated Automatic times for each athlete --- no data entry needed. The video below demonstrates one of two methods....a printable document (can also be posted to the web) can be created showing each athlete with their corresponding time as they reached the finish line.

Movable Window

For convenience, the Eagle Eye software  program can be moved around your computer screen and minimized or enlarged to any size - all while running operating smoothly.

Email Results Video

With a click of a button, turn the finish line video into a format that can be easily emailed to coaches, officials or athletes.

Save the Race

Each race is saved with customized terminology for easy recall in the directory.
See above video



Proof of Performance

Eagle Eye can generate the most versatile proof of performance documents in the timing industry. Actual race finishes can be printed, posted on the web or even emailed as video - all in full color, without distortion and with the finish line and race clock always in full view.  The pictures show each athlete as they finish, each assigned their own time code.

Print / Post / Increase Revenue

Create documents for print or posting on the web.  Easily arrange any combination of finishers.  Great for increasing revenue or providing proof of performance.

  Your F.A.T. Timing version is also a complete Motion Analysis tool
A $ 499.00 value!   

Our Eagle Eye timing system incorporates all of the features of our Eagle Eye Video Analysis product.  As a results, you get two great products at one unbeatable price! Check out the Motion Analysis link on left side of this page for all the features.