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We are so confident in our software, we offer the most comprehensive preview in the industry.  Check many of our features beow or download a our 7 day free trial today.
Eagle Eye analysis software is fully loaded with all the sophistication you expect from professional grade software.  You get all of our great features at one great price.

We believe analysis software should be affordable for all budgets.
Compare us to the competition for price, features and ease of use.  We want to show you how to get more for your money.

Our highlighted features below use track and field for demonstration purposes.  Just imagine what Eagle Eye can do for your sport!
Windows Environment

Eagle Eye is built for coaches and athletes, not computer people.  Every feature is accessible by clicking the icons located on all four sides of the perimeter of the screen.  Additional drop down menus make finding what you need a snap and tedious manuals a thing of the past.


Editing Tools
Type, draw, or simply mark up the video any way you would like. Just locate the feature you want with easy to read graphics and begin custom editing. Create circles, angles, curves, freehand figures, lines, grids, text, colors, layers, shapes, etc.
Determine Angles

Use your mouse to trace body positions and instantly determine angles. Check for proper body positions in the sprint start or determine angle of release or position of take off.  Great for field events! The possibilities are endless.

Play back in Super Slow Motion
Video doesn't get any slower than this! Eagle Eye uses high end deiterlaced technology to play back twice the frames per second (60fps) as most of the competition (30fps)...more frames equals more information.  Use your mouse, roller wheel, arrow keys or drag the scroll bar for complete control.
Side by Side Comparison
With a quick click, split the screen in two and compare two different athletes at the same time, or two efforts performaced by the same person. Control each window independently or lock to play or advance simutaneously. 
Multiple Comparisons
Compare multiple athletes at one time or multiple performances by the same athlete -- or cue up several key positions of the same effort for incredible detail. Control each window independently or lock to view simutaneously.  Watch the 'ligtht bulb' go on in your athlete's head as they compare their technigue to others.  The feature is a huge learning advantage!
Personalize Notes
Entering notes for each video clip is quick and easy. Each video clip can contain specialized instructions or feedback.  Don't have time to sit down with your athlete's - instead, leave your athlete's messages, cues and feedback within their own video clips.  Excellerate the learning curve as they review your instructions on their own.
Email Media (video) files, pictures or documents
With a simple click of a button, any video can be turned into a Windows Media file to be emailed. Set bookmarks on the video and within two one click all bookmarked pics are loaded into a ready to send email, word document or web page.
Toggle Overlay
Set a stationary frame and advance beyond it in slow motion.  View sequenced frames against a fixed postion.  Easily control the amount of detail, shadowing and overlay. Since most visible errors in technique originate from the previous position, identify the source of the error, freeze the frame and advance forward to show the result of the incorrect technique....and don't be suprised if you hear "wow, now I get it!"
Create, Post, Print sequenced pics

With one click, all bookmarks on the video are turned into ready to send email, word documents or web page.  Quickly turn your throwers six throws into a quick time video and email it to them to review on their own.  Compare and contrast your jumper’s take-off points and send them a word document.  Sharing video and pictures has never been this easy!

Measure Distance Traveled
Enter a known measurement and quickly calculate speed and distance.  In this example, the length of the starting block is entered (calibrating the video) from which all other actions can be measured. Great for field events, first step, hurdles, etc. The possibilities are endless!
Plot Implement Flight Path

Create marks on the video to track implement flight paths etc. In this picture two seperate throwing attempts are relfected at the same time (the path of the hammer from attempt 1 in yellow and attempt two in green).  Take out the guess work...see why one throw went farther than the other.

Plot Angular Motion

Determine the path of movements, by placing markers on the screen as you advance the video in slow motion. This picture shows the path of the ankle on the athlete’s first step out from the blocks. To determine the path of the foot, a mark on the ankle was placed every couple of frames - and with the click of a button the entire motion of the foot (ankle) is reflected in the solid yellow line. Easily plot the Center of Mass of a jumper, runner or thrower throughout their entire performance.

Bookmarking important Frames of a video with normal or highlighted Bookmarks will help you to find them faster. easy advance back and forth within the video clip to compare and contrast movements, athlete's, etc.Y ou can also add Notes to a bookmark.Auto bookmarking allows you add Bookmarks to a video with a single click, for even greater convenience and speed.

Place bookmarks or tags (indicators) within specific areas of the video and quickly create picture and documents or edit video based on the bookmarked locations.
Magnify any portion of the screen

Adjustable magnifying lens moves with your mouse over the entire screen.  Enhance any image or portion of the screen for incredible detail. Easily adjust the size and magnification. Zoom in on the take-off board, the grip, the foot placement…you name it – you can see it.
Main Directory

Quickly locate video clips in the easy to use main directory.  Refer to the preview window for locating your video faster. Each clip can be personalized and labeled.  Each coach, athlete or event group can have their own location on the directory.

Individual Directory

Personalize each clip by customized category. What you enter determines how the video displays in the main directory. The directory can be customized by athlete, event group or sport.

Custom Menu

Further personalize each video clip with the help of our pre-built customized drop down terminology - or add and subtract your own coaching cues.  Great for coaches to add feedback to video clips - especially when athlete's review themselves without the coach present.

Video Timer, Time Specific Movements
The Video Timer feature allows you to measure, in seconds, the elapsed time between any two bookmarked Frames. Bookmark two frames or multiple frames to determined the time difference.  Simply hit the time clock icon with your curser and instantaneously determine overall time or segment times via the internal time code. This picture is timing the first step out from the blocks. Once you have measured the elapsed time between two bookmarked Frames, you can copy the measurements to your Windows Clipboard and from there paste the information into the or other application.
Time Touchdowns

Bookmark each time a hurdlers foot touching down after the hurdle and instantaneoulsy calculate touchdown times betwee each hurdle. 

Time Zones (speed of baton)

Bookmark the exact frame the baton enters the zone and the point at which it leaves the zone. Click the internal clock icon and instantaneously determine the speed of the baton threw the zone. Compare relays members, races, etc. The uses are a time trial in practice - load the video and determine your fastest people or who should run on the turn, etc. without the inconsistency of a manual stop watch.

Measure Velocity (meters per second)

Using race or practice footage, determine velocity when timing a given distance.  For example, film your athletes sprinting over a 10m zone at full speed, bookmark the exact frames they entered and left the zone - click the Timer button and you instantly know their velocity (meters per second).  Run a few test to determine who has the highest top end, who has the best 30m start and who needs work on their speed endurance.

Cutom Grid

Overlay a fixed grid pattern to enhance your reference points when analyzing technique. Quickly change the shape and size grid.

Independant / Locked Windows

Each window you call up on the screen can be either be viewed independent of all others or locked together for simultaneous viewing. For example, cue up six attempts of the same long jumper of different jumpers - position each video independently at the point of take off, then lock them together so that when viewed, each of the six windows moves together at the same time.  Easily point out the different between attempts or athletes and point out why one jump was better or why one athlete excels over the others. This feature harnesses the power of video!

Compare Angles

Use the snap angle feature to quickly determine angles for key positions. Compare separate attempts or different athletes. Determine angle at take-off, angle of release, etc.

Movable Window

The Eagle Eye program can be simply moved or dragged around your desktop...enlarge or shrink the programs window at will. Eagle Eye will operate simultaneously with other programs running on the desktop.  

Edit and Trim Video
If a video file is too long, you can crop it to the length you want by using Easy or Advanced Trim. If a Video File contains multiple clips and you want to divide the file into multiple files each containing a single video, you can do this also using the Advanced Trim tool.