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Upgrade Discount and Information

Can I Upgrade my Current Eagle Eye Scholastic System/ Software?

It is not possible to upgrade directly from the Scholastic to the new Pro timing system. The original Eagle Eye Scholastic timing system incorporated the twenty-five year old technology of the Pyro-Bright-Flash unit, originally used with VCR's. Eagle Eye was the fist to bring video-based timing to the computer, effectively extending the life-span of the Pyro Flash.
As technology (computers, cables , connections, video) changed, it was no longer possible to keep the Pyro Flash involved with the future of video timing. Additionally changes in the definition of F.A.T. required Eagle Eye to create a timing system that could meet the current demands of the industry, while assuring its ability to adapt to future changes.
The result is the Eagle Eye Pro timing system that has been built from the ground up, using the latest camera, software and component technology available.

Do you have a Discount for Current Scholastic Customers?
Yes. Please go the the Request a Quote page submit a quote request. Please check the current customer box and we will email you a detailed quote with that includes current customer upgrade assistance.