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1. Software Set-up

Creating a lynx.evt
A lynx.evt file is an industry standard event file created by the meet management software that contains heat, name, school and lane/position for each seeded event. In order to integrate with a photo finish system like Eagle Eye Pro, this file must be created by the meet management software (Hy-Tek, Racetab, RaceberryJaM, etc.) and imported into Eagle Eye Pro via the Race Results tab.

Below are a few popular meet management software options and instructions how to create a lynx.evt file.

Hy-Tek Meet Manager (version 4.0)
1. From the top menu go to Set-up > Photo Finish Interface > Eagle Pro Timing.*
2. Within the Run mode go to Interfaces > Photo Finish -Eagle Eye Pro > Update Start Lists.
If updating for the first time and or changing the file location.
3. Select the Activate update of start list checkbox (middle of screen) if updating for the first time.
4. Select the Change Data Location button and navigate to the destination folder you intend to share
between Hy-Tek and Eagle Eye.
5. Click the OK button.
6. Hy-Tek will save the lynx.evt in the location above.
7. Within Eagle Eye Pro >Results Tab > Choose the import button and navigate to the Lynx.evt file.

* If Eagle Eye is not an option in an earlier version, choose FinishLynx File Sharing.
** Hy-Tek requires their Photo Finish Interface license for this feature to activate the Get Times
button within the Run mode.

Race Tab
(version 3.64)
1. Within the desired seeded meet, choose RaceTab from the upper left.
2. Choose FAT Interfaces and browse to a destination folder where the lynx.evt will save to.
3. Choose Eagle Eye as the brand of FAT and click Save and Done (lower right).
4. Choose RaceTab (upper left) > Export > Lynx. (Note - no confirmation is indicated)
5. Within Eagle Eye Pro > Results Tab > Choose import and navigate to the saved lynx.evt file.

Racetab can be downloaded for FREE by clicking here
1. Pull ScoreMeetLynx file down to Create Lynx/ Flash Timing file
2. Choose the destination folder (meet directory).
3. Choose an offset to the IDs to distinguish men's and women's events.
("0" for one division, "100" for the next, etc. are good options)
4. Accept the defaults for the schedule file. Say "No: to finalize schedule.
5. Switch to next division (Ctrl-G). Repeat for all divisions and choose to finalize the schedule.
2. New File Sharing Device!