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Bicycle Racing Timing System

Eagle Eye's video based Pro timing system has been customized specifically for bicycle racing. Eagle Eye combines high speed full frame video with instant and precise playback for an unbeatable turn-key solution. Designed for both the novice and professional timer ... allowing you to time your events like a pro.

Packages priced with and without laptop computer and a choice between two camera/frame rate options.

System Includes:

  • Brand name laptop computer
    (Windows OS, 7200rpm solid state 500G hard drive, etc.)

  • High speed color video camera (up to 700fps).

  • Edmunds Optics lens.
  • Pro timing software with USB Key (installed).
  • 300 foot data cable with 6 foot practice cable.
  • Protective backpack carrying case.
  • Camera mounting kit with three dimensional precision geared clamp.

    Customized systems/ components also available

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Bicycle Race Timing Bicycle Race Timing Zoom Lens
Bicycle Racing Timing System
Call for pricing $9,989.00
Bicycle Racing Timing System
Call for pricing $9,489.00
Zoom Lens
Our Price: $250.00
Variable Zoom Lens

This variable zoom lens is a great option for improving image quality when mounting timing camera on the outside of the track.