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Live Mobile Scoreboard & Results

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Enhance your next meet with Eagle Eye and integration

Turn any device into a mobile scoreboard. Eagle Eye's latest timing software version ( integrates with - bringing real-time mobile scoreboard and live results to any computer or mobile device. provides an affordable paid service to timers and meet directors who pass along the free mobile scoreboard address to coaches, athletes, spectators, parents and fans. Watch results on your phone as they happen. Results appear online as they are read by the Eagle Eye timing operator.

Watch Video
Watch times auto populate on the tablet as the Eagle Eye operator reads the athletes as shown on the video board in the background.

View Entries and Results
With you can track the progress of any athlete, team or event during a meet. Results are formatted for mobile devices and desktop screens.

Automatic Updates
Immediately after results are ready the meet home page updates to inform viewers of the new results. No refresh needed.

Get updates texted to you when when new meet or individual results are available

Find athletes, teams and events with ease.

How to Get Started
1. Create a free account with
2. Decide to create a free, standard or professional meet.
3. Enter meet details on
4. Open Eagle Eye's results tab and enter server info.

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