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Pro 3000 Software Update
Latest Version: (Balser Pylon: 5.2..0.12457). It is important that you are always using the latest software version for your system. Pro 3000
software was included with all 2019 system purchase. Original Pro timing customer (prior to 2019) can purchase an upgrade via the link on the left side of this page.

Determine Your Version
1) open Eagle Eye Pro software,
2) From the top toolbar choose Help and About Eagle Eye to reveal your current version.

Request Latest Version
Please take the steps below to request the latest version at no cost to you.

1. Send an email to
2. Include your name/ position, school and or association
3. Include your current software version


Read Only Version

Current customers are able to install their Pro timing software on another computer without a fee or a license key. As a read only version, the software will not record unless activated with a USB key. The computer used can function as a review computer in read only mode. See Pro 3000 manual for details.