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Compare Eagle Eye Pro to Finish Lynx TM Save Thousands!

Compare Eagle Eye's standard Pro timings system to Lynx's packages.

Finish Lynx TM pricing as published online via reseller websites.

Compare Eagle Eye's Advanced Packages with Lynx.

Accuracy Comparison - Watch video below of actual timing comparison.

Comparison Video
Eagle Eye Pro compared to FinishLynx(TM)

The video on the left compares color camera options. A color camera is standard with Eagle Eye Pro and available only within the Lynx(TM) Silver, Gold and MVP packages.

A color camera is critical to quickly and accurately distinguish athletes from different schools. Purchasing a black and white Lynx (TM)
camera is the biggest regret we hear from Lynx (TM) customers contacting us to upgrade.

According to our customer who have switched to Eagle Eye, upgrading a Lynx (TM) camera (scholastic and bronze package) to color is typically pay up to $4,000. Eagle Eye provides a full color camera as standard equipment

Full Frame Video - Why it's ideal for reading hip numbers

The advantage of Eagle Eye's full frame video camera over the Lynx line-scan camera is significant. Line-scan cameras capture only a sliver image of the finish line (2 millimeters wide) with static images pushed together by the software to re-create the athlete's form. Because of this small field of view of the finish-line, the likelihood of an obscured hip number is much greater than an Eagle Pro camera with a field of view of over 20 feet!
Lynx's recommendation for accurately identifying athletes (reading hip numbers) is the use of an additional ID Lynx camera costing $1,995 (standard only in the Lynx's $16,999 plus packages). Eagle Eye's standard full frame video camera is ideal for athlete identification, allowing the operator to easily move the video slightly forward or backward as needed to reveal an athletes hip number and identity.

The Truth About Frame Rate

The rules of track and field (F.A.T) require all times be rounded up to the 1/100th of a second. For this reason, using a camera at 100fps or 1,000fps+ will produce the identical time for each finishing athlete (with proper camera alignment). Both Eagle Eye and Lynx operators who have run their systems side-by-side can confirm this.

Breaking Ties
In the same heat
Ties are a part of track and field, regardless of the system or frame rate used. Generally ties can be visually broken easily within the same heat. However not always. The entire country was made aware of this as the Lynx (TM) operator could not break the tie for the last US Olympic spot in the women's 100m dash (summer 2013). Rules required a run-off and the sports pages, blogs and TV commentators criticized our sport soundly for not having a better process and system. To the defense of the Finish Lynx (TM) system and operator, sometimes a tie is a tie.
In different heats
At the point a timing system records accurately above 100fps, the 3rd decimal (the 1,000th position) becomes relevant. The Eagle Eye camera defaulted frame rate of 127fps creates timing increments of 0.00787, thus making it possible to compare times from different heats. For example, if Mike runs 11.001 (in heat 1) and John runs 11.009 (in heat 2), both receive official times of 11.01 (per rounding rules), yet Mike wins the tie breaker by reading to the third decimal. Tie breaking rules for leagues and associations may differ, however the explanation above describes how this is done accurately.
It's important the industry (officials, timers, coaches, referees) understand how rules and opinions often lag behind industry advancements. All organizations (NFHS, NCAA, USATF, IAAF) recognize fully automatic timing (F.A.T.) as frame rate of 100fps or greater, however when it comes to tie breaking, rules books are a combination of older language mixed with newer understandings.

The Benefits of Wireless

A wireless start system is another standard feature that sets Eagle Eye Pro apart from Lynx's more expensive packages. A wireless system allows the Starter to roam free and unencumbered by a hard-wired gun cable stretching hundreds of feet. Eagle Eye Pro's wireless system allows the Starter to move freely without the worry of tripping over the cable or damage caused by athlete spikes stepping on it.

The Cross Country Advantage

An accurate order of finish is the most important function of a cross country timing system. For this reason,video is an absolute must for cross country races that often become chaotic at the finish. Neither an RF chip system or line-scan Lynx system incorporate a video solution with their standard systems. Eagle Eye Pro on the other hand, captures full frame video (time-stamped to the official race clock) that confirms the exact order of finish. With Eagle Eye Pro software, an operator can jump or scroll to the exact video location of finishing athletes in an instant. Even begin the second race while reviewing the first race, never waiting for the operator!

Laptop Computer

Eagle Eye Pro is the only system listed above that includes a notebook computer as standard equipment. The reason is simple. Even the most expensive timing system will not function properly without the right computer controlling it. Eagle Eye takes the guess work away from you and your computer tech. Our Lenovo ThinkPad computers are built with the exact specs that provide the dependability your events and customers demand.

Versatility - Video Analysis

Not only does Eagle Eye Pro 100 function as a track and cross country timing system, it's the only system in the world that can serve as a high speed video analysis tool. The Pro 100 camera is German engineered and used in high speed applications around the world. Eagle Eye Pro software allows for direct video capture and instant review for coaches and athletes. Even record live while viewing previously recorded video. Even better, export your video to an .avi file and playback with within Eagle Eye Pro Viewer analysis software. Pro Viewer is provided FREE to you and your entire athletic department. Compliments of Eagle Eye.