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Video & image taken at 250fps
Custom Timing Applications

Let us help you design a custom timing system for your unique application
based on our products below. Whether you are racing mountain bikes in
the forestor hosting your local 5K, let Eagle Eye find the right solution
for your event. Send us a detailed message with your unique requirements
and we willwork togetherto see if we can create a solution for your sport or event.

Video Timing

RFID Timing

Video Based Timing System
The Eagle Eye Pro timing system is primarily used for track and field when paired with high speed video camera. Other uses include but not limited to: cross country running, bike racing, horse racing, buggy racing, primary and back-up timing for various timing systems and events.

The included Pro camera operates up to 300fps. Substituting a camera with a lower frame rate (30fps, etc.) will reduce the cost of the Pro system (distance running, mountain biking) while increasing the frame rate (500-1,000fps) will require a higher priced camera to accommodate faster moving objects.

Video timing requires visual review of each finishing athlete on the recording laptop computer. Specialized timing software allows for real-time bookmarking of finishing athletes and fast and efficient reviews by the operator.

Contact us for our recommendation.

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RFID Based Timing System
Our Eagle Eye RFID timing system is primarily used for cross country running and distance racing. Other uses include but not limited to: mountain biking, lap counting, triathlons, and more.
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses chips or tags worn by the athlete. This allows for individual time-keeping and immediate (live) results.

Additional hardware above the standard package (RFID readers, etc.) may be require for your application.

Contact us for our recommendation.

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Zoom Lens
Zoom Lens
Our Price: $250.00
Variable Zoom Lens

This variable zoom lens is a great option for improving image quality when mounting timing camera on the outside of the track.