Video Review System - 2 Cameras
Video Review System - 2 Cameras
For Use at All Levels

Only by Eagle Eye
Our Price: $2,300.00

Product Code: ERVV2

Dual camera application ideal for toe board review of the throwing events, cross country review and or timing - anywhere slow motion frame-by-frame video is needed immediate verification.

  • Eagle Eye Software and USP License Key
  • 2 x HD USB Color Camera (powered by laptop)
  • 2 x 50' (15.52m) USB 3 Camera Extension Cables
  • 1 x 3 Port USB Hub
  • 2 x Low Profile Adjustable Tripods
  • Protective Plastic Camera & Cable a Case
Ideal for Throwing Events

Video review system for take-off board accuracy. Real-time video captured at take-off displays a confirmation image (or video) in under two seconds. Specialized software records and plays-back simultaneously. Choose to record each athlete attempt or record the entire flight as one continuous video. Simple bookmarking at take-off (pressing space bard on the computer keyboard) logs the exact moment of take-off on the video time-line for precise playback and review.

Officials, coaches, and athletes can now have complete confidence in each call on the board. The official remains in control, choosing to make the immediate determination or refer to the image as needed. Guaranteed not to delay the event when used as intended. Official can review the video before the athlete rises from the sand to exit the sand pit.

The completely portable system can be run entirely off of a laptop computer battery. Import an athlete list (.evt or custom Excel template) for auto-naming of each athlete attempt when choosing to record separate video clips. No need to be a computer expert, three simple key-strokes by the operator places image of the foot on the board.

Easily export full video or still image(s) for proof of performance as need.

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