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Whether you're a professional timer or do-it-yourselfer, Eagle Eye's RFID software is designed to make your job easier and more efficient.

The right software is critical to your event - choose Eagle Eye to help run the entire show, from registration to printed results. Will read dozens of different type of EPC class 1 Gen2 tags (or chips).

At a Glance

  • No Yearly Fees

  • Free Software Upgrades

  • Unlimited Usage

  • Unlimited backup computers

  • Easily print results during or after the race with a single click

  • Team scoring for cross country and or road races

  • Built in lap manager for track races

  • Use either Gun Time or Chip Time.

  • Time an unlimited number of races, athletes, or splits at the same time.

Built in Help Files

  • Built In User's Manual

  • Suggestions report to ensure you have a successful event

  • FAQ report that will answer all the common questions about the software

Registration Forms Automatically Created

  • Either enter your own information that will appear on the registration form or the software will create everything for you based on what you've entered about your event.

  • Course Map automatically appears on the registration form. gh the Mass Email feature or by uploading it to your website with the "Upload File" button in the software.

  • Easily create event websites, sync online entries, and post results thanks to the RunSignUp Interface

Import Participants From Any Excel File

  • Import from .xls (Excel) or . xlsx (Excel 2007)

  • No matter how your data is formatted, you can import participants without making any changes to the original excel file


  • All reports can easily export to Word, PDF, or Excel

  • HyTek integration (import .evt files and export restuls as .lif files)

  • NCAA compliant - Meets 2015 TFRRS requirements

  • Print results at any time during or after the race by pressing a single button
  • Neighborhood Announcement - Give this to home owners along the course

  • Race Statistics - Shows a detailed breakdown of your event by the following categories: Age Divisions, Athlete Types (runners, walkers, other), Zip Codes, Gender, Pre-registered vs. race day registrants, and attendance percentage (# of finishers vs. # of registrants)

  • Bib Number capture sheet

  • Overall Results (can sort by Finishing Time, Gender, Athlete Type, and Age Division)

  • Age Division Results (can select Male or Female)

  • Team Results

  • Roster (can sort by Name, Bib #, Gender, Age Division, T-Shirt Size, Athlete Type)

  • Registration Form

  • User's Manual

  • Suggestions for Directors (Includes a race directors timeline for organizing an event, how to get free bib numbers, how to set up your registration and finish line areas, what pre-race announcements you should make, and much more)

  • FAQ (this answers questions like "What if my printer or computer stops working?"

  • Athlete List (shows all data stored for each athlete). This report is primarily used if you hire a timing company that needs all registered athletes in Excel prior to the race

Lap Manager for Track Races

  • Easily manage the number of laps each participant has completed

  • You can use a large TV to let the finishers see their own remaining laps

  • Lap Manager Display (designed for distance events in Track)

Auto Incrementing Bib Numbers

  • While entering athletes or imported your online registrants the software will automatically assign each athlete the next highest bib number. Of course you can change the bib number for any athlete if you would like.

Send Mass Emails to Athletes

  • Easily contact all potential or current participants of your event

  • Email individual performance to each athlete or to their coach

  • Ability to add attachments to your email (for example email the registration form to all email address on file)

  • This is a great feature for letting all previously entered athletes know about upcoming events, or to send any event announcements to currently registered athletes, or to send a 'Thank You' message to all participants

Automatic Finish Line Photos

  • Connect a Canon SLR camera to your computer (with USB cable) and the software will automatically use it to take a photo of every finisher

  • You can also press F12 capture a photo at any time

  • These photos are instantly available on the event's website with a single button click

Course Mapping

  • is built into the software. This lets you easily create one or many detailed courses for your event

  • Signing up for MapMyRun is not required for course mapping

  • Course Maps automatically appear on the registration form created by the software

  • Course maps can easily be saved to the computer and uploaded to the event's website