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Starting Blanks and Guns
Eagle Eye is the only timing company in the world that manufactures its own starting shells. Our blanks allow you to use your same .32 caliber starting pistol for both practice and competitions.

Whether you want a 'big-bang' for your outdoor events, or a 'smaller-bang' for indoor meets and practice sessions, our .32 caliber shells are uniquely designed for great value and high performance. - And because WE MAKE YOUR SHELLS, we won't surprise you with a back-order notice.

The Eagle Eye Advantage

Coaches, meet directors and retailers have long known the ammunition industry prioritizes its materials (powder, primers, and casings) towards the production of live ammo, thus leaving the sports of track and field often without a nation-wide supply of starting blanks.

Because we at Eagle Eye do not use gun powder and manufactures our own shell casings, we continue to serve our sport without interruption, shortages or back orders.

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.32 Caliber Powderless Starting blanks .32 Caliber Universal Starter Blanks

Another industry first: A .32 caliber shell that sounds like a louder .22 caliber blank, allowing you to use your same .32 caliber pistol for both practice and competitions. In Stock! Shipped UPS Ground only.

32 Caliber Universal Starting Shells. Compatible with ALL timing systems. Used for competition. Each bag contains 50 shells. Save! Shipped UPS Ground only. In Stock!