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Valued Scholastic Timing Customer,

Thank you for your continued support over the last five years.  It’s your loyalty and trust that has made Eagle Eye Digital Video an industry leader and a choice of countless coaches and meet directors throughout north America and beyond.  As we introduce new products, know that our  mission is still the same, to provide our customers with affordable options that improve the sport of track and field and the entire timing industry.  To do this successfully requires that we learn from your valuable feedback and adapt to changes in technology.


Questions and Answers

Q:   What is the future of my current Scholastic Timing System

A:   We are still actively promoting and selling our original Scholastic Eagle Eye timing system as a very popular and economical option.  This version will continue to be supported and maintained for years to come. 

Q:  Can I upgrade my current Eagle Eye software?

A: Unfortunately no, here’s why. Many of the features in our new Pro system were requested by our customers (better results integration, real-time bookmarking, wireless start, easier licensing process, elimination of the Pyro Flash and time-code overlay, etc.) and doing so was not possible using the foundation of the original software.  Using the same software would be analogous to building a race car using the chassis of a truck … both vehicles have their place in the market but their features are not compatible as one vehicle. As a result a software upgrade is not possible.

Compounding the issue are noticeable changes in the computer industry (lack of firewire ports/ cards on new computers, etc.) and the need to respond to the new NCAA F.A.T. requirement of achieving 100fps (frames per second) that can not be achieved with an off-the-shelf cameras (in ways that can integrate with a timing system).

Although the NCAA rule does not impact our high school customers, given ALL the factors above, it was best to invest in new development that would allow all track and field organizations (NFH, USATF, NCAA)  to use the same software (chassis) and require only a new camera and converter card to make the upgrade from Pro 60 to Pro 100.

Q:  Can I upgrade from my current Eagle Eye hardware?
A:  Yes, the following upgrades are available.
Q: Do you have an discount for current Eagle Eye customer?
Absolutely!  Because we know how tight budgets can be, we are offering.

NEW NCAA Rule and change to 100fps
The NCAA changed its definition of F.A.T.  that requires timing systems to produce 100 frames per second for collegiate competitions.  This was largely 1) a-trickle-down of the IAAF rule of two years ago and 2) the desire for the camera frame rate (100) to be the same as the long standing requirement of official track time to be read  to the 1/100th of a second.  It is not technically possible to achieve 100 frames per second with standard ‘off-the-shelf’ camcorders.  Although some new hard drive digital cameras can exceed this frame rate when recording directly to their  internal hard drive, they are not functional as a source for a video based timing system because on their inability to integrate with a remote computer, lack of real-time software control, etc.