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Eagle Eye Scholastic Timing System  


To Eagle Eye DV,

We've been waiting for this type of timing software for a long time.  Finally, someone did it.  Thanks "Eagle Eye DV!"  We downloaded the "Eagle Eye DV" timing software onto our timing computers, practiced a few times during the week and timed our state Association's Youth Track & Field Championships three days later.  With this new software, I can train parent-volunteers (who have no timing experience) how to read races in less than 5 minutes.

  It's that easy.  The price is right. It's very fast and it's accurate.  We now use Eagle Eye DV exclusively at all of our ENDURO Events track meets whether it's a youth, college or masters or invitational or championship meet.

Thanks for a great product.

Kevin McWatters
President / Owner
the ENDURO Group
Youth Enduro Sports, Inc.